Happy Feet in the Garden


Happy Feet in the Garden

I know they look ready for the trash bin, but above is my favorite pair of gardening shoes, parked by the door. I’ve probably come in to fill up with coffee or iced tea (depending on the time of day); or perhaps to take a quick trip to the loo (because of all that coffee and tea).  Outside, azaleas, daffs, and a pot of violas – a spring picture, not summer.

04-30-13 shoes

Note: it’s important to stay hydrated whilst working outside in the hot summer weather. I usually try to get in 2 hours of gardening from 6-8 am, before it gets too beastly out, then again in the evening when it’s somewhat nicer out. Our summer weather in Maryland is triple H (hazy-hot-humid), so a beverage is always at hand!

My gardening shoes start out as shoes for the non-gardening parts of my life. This was a very nice pair of Bass loafers. But then they slowly become worn, sloppy, and ever-so-comfy. In other words, to disreputable to wear anywhere but at home. And so, they become gardening shoes. Easy to slide on and off, always parked by the kitchen door, just waiting to slip out to the gardens. Already my pinky toes are bursting through the sides, so I’m not sure how much longer they’ll last. No worries about them getting wet, dirty, or messed up. I’m at my happiest wearing these shoes because it means I’m working in the garden.

It’s the same way with the car. Huh, you say? Well, when you go places to buy plants, they frequently ask if you want a sheet of plastic to protect the car. “No thanks”, I say, “my car lives with a gardener.” That being said, my car is a 15 year old Honda Accord. Were it much newer, I might feel differently… or not!

Ta ta, off to deadhead the shasta daisies – they’re finished for now.  If I whack them back by half now, I’ll get a second wave of bloom later.  It’s nowhere near as impressive as the first wave, but nice none-the-less.

6-11-12 to 6-23  my flower garden15What do your feet wear in the garden?  Clogs?  Sneakers?  Old loafers?

Happy Gardening!