What’s growing indoors?

I love my east-facing bay window in the living room.  Usually it’s got an assortment of indoor plants hanging out there.  It has hosted a 3-4′ live Christmas tree a couple times in recent years, too.  It also provides a bird & squirrel watching post and napping place for my cat, Miss Maggie.

Right now it’s a warm and light filled spot for a variety of growing things, like a trio of forced paperwhite bulbs, a blooming lady slipper orchid, and african violets.  Every corner of the living room is redolent with the paperwhites, in full bloom!  Not everyone likes their fragrance, but I love it.  A begonia I bought last summer is wintering over in the bay window (providing a touch of reds), as is my pot of rosemary, which has a few blossoms on it.  Rosemary is a tender perennial in my zone 6 garden.  I’ve yet to have one survive the winter, despite my best efforts to protect it.  So last year I planted it in a pot & decided I was going to bring it in for the winter – I’m tired of buying a new one each year.  At the far right are some cuttings from a red-blooming, tropical passion flower vine I bought last growing season.  I’m hoping to root them come spring.  The big pot of it is overwintering in the garage (this is an experiment – hope it works since the darned thing didn’t bloom last summer).

Close ups below of paperwhite blossoms, lady slipper orchid, and tiny rosemary blooms.

The kitchen windowsill, also east facing, sports more growing things.  Right now it’s some hyacinth bulbs being forced.  Soon their fragrance will fill the kitchen. I have more chilling in the fridge, ready to start a second batch soon.

More about things growing inside later…  Off to read all the new books I got (3 by Ken Druse, among others).

Stay warm and cozy, where ever you are!  What are you growing indoors this winter? And do you stash plants in your garage, too?  I’ve got geraniums and a bunch of coleus cuttings hanging out in mine.

8 thoughts on “What’s growing indoors?

  1. That’s a nice selection of plants on your windowsill. I have lady’s slipper orchid in bud which I am excited about. I have several other orchids, hyacinths and I grow Amaryllis too. I love them but they grow on such tall stems which isn’t a good look.
    I have plants on every window sill in the house waiting for their moment of glory. Watering is a chore but it’s worth it, indoor plants keep us going at this time of the year.

  2. That looks like an excellent spot for napping or bird appreciation. Here we have paperwhites and an amaryllis. The paperwhites won’t bloom for another week or so and the amaryllis is moving along very slowly.

    • Marian, I’ve just had such a busy summer with all the new garden area to “work”. And my laptop is on it’s last legs and I’m afraid to load on anymore pictures. What’s a garden blog w/o pix?? …boring. I am hoping to get back at it after getting a new computer.
      Been reading all your posts and enjoying. Thanks for checking in on me 🙂

    • Sorry lil’ Bro… my computer is in a sad condition. It’s barely limping along. I’m afraid to load any pix to it for fear of it giving up altogether. I really miss the blogging, I’ll tell ya! I’ve got the entire gardening year of 2014 on the camera, just gathering dust and begging to be blogged about, but what’s a girl (or old woman) to do???

  3. I don’t have this much glamour indoors right now – but I do have a Giveaway! Hope you stop by and take a chance on winning Terrariums: Gardens Under Glass. Beautiful photos and great ideas.

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