Snowy Gardens & winter escapes…

IMG_9477Everything in the garden looks magical under a snowfall.  It softens shapes & hides imperfections (and other ‘stuff’, like the mound that is 6 bags of pine needles, which will ultimately be mulch).  It outlines the beautiful detail of every twig and branch. It’s breathtaking!

And I’m snug in the cottage, working on my winter project – my kitchen redo.  And I’m already realizing that gardening is easier! So, when the kitchen project gets me down, I’ll escape into “new” books for a respite.  I’ve ordered several used Ken Druse books, The Passion for Gardening, The Natural Shade Garden, and The Natural Habitat Garden from  I own Ken’s Making More Plants, which is a wonderful book for anyone who loves propagation, as I do.  I’ve also ordered The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh.  It was recommended by a friend and sounds like an interesting story, full of references to flowers. I’m anxious for these books to arrive!

Besides the seed/plant catalogs, which will be arriving soon, what are you reading that’s good?

8 thoughts on “Snowy Gardens & winter escapes…

  1. I’m currently reading Churchill and Chartwell, which has been enlightening but a bit of tough sledding. I’ve just ordered The New English Garden and the new book about Beatrix Potter and her garden…but the name slips my mind.

  2. The new 2014 Johnny’s Selected Seeds catalog is in! It is so informative. I am grateful it is still printed on paper. I love flipping through it and dreaming.

    • Seed catalogs and gardening books (among others) are what get we gardeners through the winter, huh? Although I do have some paperwhites and hyacinth bulbs forcing on the kitchen windowsill.

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