The silence of early morn

Headed out into the garden very early today, almost at first light.  I love the garden when it’s so quiet, fresh.  It seems no one is about yet and the world is just mine.  Everything seems renewed by the night time, and this little bit of cool weather the last couple days is so refreshing, both to me and the garden.  I needed a sweatshirt, it must be high 50s or low 60s – chilly.  Miss Maggie, my cat, says she wants out, too.  I grab my coffee and camera, clippers in my pocket, and out we go for a garden review, the first of the day.

I was thinking about the “silence” of the early morn.  It’s not really, you know.  When I stop to listen, I hear all sorts of sounds:  (it’s amazing the noise we learn to block out)

  • The bees are already buzzing in the abelia bush (abelia x grandiflora) and in the various squash & pumpkin blossoms.  They crowd, 2 or 3 at a time into the squash blossoms, jockeying for the best spot.
  • Interstate 81, a perpetual distant hum, even this early.  Early local street traffic.
  • Crickets and some other low bug-hum.
  • My quiet steps on the path.
  • The tentative slu-u-u-rp of my very hot coffee 🙂 .
  • Maggie’s tags on her collar (no sneaking up on the unsuspecting critter for her).
  • The first bird calls (The cardinal, a catbird, robin, and a Carolina wren).
  • My very own breathing.
  • Something’s rustling around at the back of the bed in the asters – that fat brown mouse I’ve seen around, perhaps?  He’s becoming very bold, but he knows I’m harmless.  I hope it’s not the wee bunny, who does not know what he likes to eat yet, and so samples almost everything!
  • The momentary ‘fwap’ of the newspaper hitting the neighbor’s front porch.
  • A very gentle breeze is barely moving the leaves at the top of the trees.
  • A runner passes swiftly by on the side street, shoes softly hitting the pavement.
  • The very distant wail of a train whistle (what a mournful sound, somehow).
  • And the wren, scolding Maggie for merely existing.

I’m sure I’ve missed things, even though I was determined to hear everything in the “silence” of early morn.  And again…  Slu-u-u-u-rp!  Gulp!  Ahhh!  Hot coffee’s so good!  Sun’s up and Maggie is ready to go in for a real breakfast after a few nibbles of grass.

Lot’s of things blooming, as you’ll see by the following photos.

5-30-12 to 6-4 home & garden8

Miss Maggie and the lambs ears (Stachys byzantina)


The pergola reflected in the birdbath

Square-89 by Skeletal Mess

Tickseed (coreopsis rosea)

07-23-09 qal, bee balm, sunfl, dill10

Sunflower (Helianthus) planted by the squirrels, seeds from the birdfeeder

08-16-11 mid Aug4

Morning glory ((Ipomoea), growing on an old shovel


Black-eyed Susan (rudbeckia)


Black-eyed Susans


Pink Zinnias

And I picked a handful of this and that to put in my favorite little cream pitcher.  Takes only moments to set up a little still life shot with a piece of scrap-booking paper as a backdrop, so I can share my sweet pastel bouquet with you!


Catmint, cosmos, queen anne’s lace, spirea, hosta, morning glory, dayflower, tall verbena, lobelia, blue mist spirea, a couple grass seed heads from the alley.

All so pretty in that early light!  Happy Gardening!  Go out and listen!

Side note: THE LISTENING WALK by Paul Showers is a marvelous children’s book about listening outside.  I read it to my children many a long year ago.


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