Datura Inoxia – first bloom

My first datura bud (aka moon flower) has bloomed for this gardening season.  So strongly scented I can smell the lovely fragrance 25′ away.  Sometimes I pick several just before going to bed and put them in my bedroom so I can enjoy the scent inside.  It’s one of the pleasures of the evening garden, as it opens in early evening.  An elegant flower, it lasts just one day.    And ALL parts of this plant are poisonous.  It seeds itself freely, so I usually remove the pods before they dry & disperse.  It’s definitely an item I love having in the garden, as it blooms well into September in my 6a garden zone!

IMG_3899This shot is an old one, taken in the fall when the chokecherry is all berried up.

09-05-09 tomats, LGbokeh12

Shown here are some of the charms of this flower: a bud, buds unfurling (love those curlicues), fully open (with bee), and a seed pod (golf ball sized).


It’s delightfully cool here this morning – 58 degrees when I got up.  A pleasant change from the last week and a half, for sure.  Enjoy your day!


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