Why a blog about gardening?

Well…  why not?  I love gardening and want to share my pleasure with you and find others who share my interests.


I think I was born with the ‘gardening gene’ and a green thumb.  I love digging in the dirt.  I’d rather work in the garden than most anything else, although I’m not fond of mowing the lawn (if you consider that a gardening task).  My maternal grandpa was a serious gardener, my dad was frequently busy in the yard in my childhood home in Florida.  My introduction to gardening, as a child, was an hour of weeding ever summer morning.   And, except in the winter months, I’m always out in the garden now, by choice!  I garden in western Maryland, USA.

I have a garden bench, but rarely sit on it for any length of time – I always see some small task that needs to be done, or weed that needs to be pulled, or leaning stem that needs some support… oh, you get it!  Gardening is not about sitting around!

I find that I’m always wanting to tell folks what’s going on in my garden (like it was important or something).  So instead of

  • chatting with a friend,
  • boring a non-gardening coworker,
  • emailing or texting a pal,
  • or writing a letter (how outdated!)

I’m creating a blog about all the incredible as well as mundane things happening outside at Saint Claire Cottage!  And I’m so new at this, so bear with me while I figure out all the bells and whistles of a WordPress blog.

I hope to share with you the pleasure I gain from the simple (?) act of growing & maintaining gardens.  And I hope you’ll share your thoughts with me.  Cheers from the gardens at Saint Claire Cottage in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Right now there are day lilies galore in my garden, as shown in the collage above.  Simple to grow, not demanding, lots of color choices, relatively inexpensive, and ever so pretty!  One day and one blossom at a time.  I get mine from friends, catalogs, and local garden centers.  Do you grow them too?  Where do you get yours?


One thought on “Why a blog about gardening?

  1. Ginny, Welcome to the community of garden bloggers — definitely the place to be if you like to share your garden with like-minded souls. I love the daylilies in your collage. Some of them look like relatives of some of mine. I have some daylilies that were passalong plants from friends, and a few that were purchased at garden centers in my early gardening years. Most, however, have been purchased from specialty daylily nurseries — the kind of place that grows them in daylily fields and digs up the ones you want while you wait.

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